crowe 7

INTERNATIONAL FIELD TRIAL WINNER KELMARSKY CROW ! HIPS 3/4,ELBOWS 0,EYES CLEAR,PRA CLEAR,CNM CLEAR,SD2 CLEAR,EIC CLEAR!!                                                   CARRIES YELLOW !!                                                                            AT STUD RING SEAN 00447711 626355                                                      100% CLEAN HEALTH RESULTS ! 75LB STRONG DOG PLENTY POWER

Hi my name is Sean Kearney,I Compete with Labrador Retrievers in Field Trials.I am a Non Panel Judge Northern Ireland and C Panel Judge Ireland.I Passed The British Kennel Club Field Trial Judging Exam on 15/2/14. I am very passionate about Labrador Retrievers and bred from my dogs for the Future of my sport.

All my dogs are Fully Health Tested.I pick up at Drumbanagher Game Shoot which i find Very enjoyable and a Fantastic Opportunity to Work my Dogs.I am Very Competitive which gives me the Drive to Succeed.I have qualified three times for The Irish Retriever Championship and Captained The Ireland International Retriever Gundog Winning Team at Shanes Castle Game Fair  2017.                                                                                                                                                                  To Date I have Trained 6 Different  Field Trial Winning Dogs And 1 FTAW, FTW Timpany Forest Fox [Brock ] {America},FTW Shimnavale Firefly Of Kelmarsky [Fly] {England},OFTW [IRL] Emmanygan Vienna Of Kelmarsky [Pip] Qualified for The Irish Retriever Championship 2013 @ 19 Months Old!!{America},OFTW Kelmarsky Bugatti [Sky] {England}, who was an International Field Trial Winner at 21 Months Old Winning Two Field Trials North and South in the same Week. Sky also Won Mid Ulster Gundog Association Open Field Trial at Moyola Estate And Birr Castle Game Fair 2017 Open and Top Dog Overall.. Qualifying twice for The Irish Retriever Championship 2017 and 2018. I am running Two dogs this Season FTAW Astraglen Pearl Of Kelmarsky [Scout] and OFTAW Kelmarsky Crow High Hopes for this Young Dog !!!I Have Two NEW Team Members OFTAW Kelmarsky Ash [18 MONTHS] and Kelmarsky Ducati [ 7 MONTHS] !!!!