HI, I have been game fishing and hunting all of my life.My father took me Hare coursing at six years
 old.I used to keep Lurchers,Terriers and Ferrets.I know train and breed Labrador Retrievers.I have fished rivers in Ireland and Scotland.My favourite Salmon River is the River Moy at Ballina Co Mayo. I have fished it from an early age as my father used to bring me down.I used to b&b in Foxford but have since built a house beside the river. I get a couple of days on the world famous Ridgepool! This location is great for Fly when conditions are right. But mother nature cannot be controlled. I am a waterkeeper on the River Moy at Paddens pool stretch Attymass,Bonnifinglas, a great bit of water with world famous pools The Woodpool,Paddens pool and The FLAG which is my favourite ! A great resting pool for wild Atlantic Salmon. Catching a fresh run silverbar sea liced Salmon is one of lifes great Achievements!!! This year i hope to spend more time on the river as most of the work on my house is near completion! The people in both Ballina and Foxford are very friendly and extremely helpful. I hope to add a few fishing photos this year of friends and guests.


mayo-20150524-00146                                                                  Two Springers From Paddens  Pool with baldy Brian.

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Hi my name is Sean Kearney, My Affix is Kelmarsky ! I Compete with Labrador Retrievers in Field Trials.I am a Non Panel Judge Northern Ireland and C Panel Judge Ireland.I Passed The British Kennel Club Field Trial Judging Exam on 15/2/14. I am very passionate about Labrador Retrievers and bred from my dogs for the Future of my sport.

All my dogs are Fully Health Tested.I pick up at Drumbanagher Game Shoot which i find Very enjoyable and a Fantastic Opportunity to Work my Dogs.I am Very Competitive which gives me the Drive to Succeed.I have qualified Five times for The Irish Retriever Championship and Captained The Ireland International Retriever Gundog Winning Team at Shanes Castle / Birr Castle Game Fair  2017.                                                                                                                                                                 

To Date I have Trained 7 Different  Field Trial Winning Dogs                                        FTW (13/9/08) Timpany Forest Fox [Brock ] {America},                                                     FTW (9/11/12) Shimnavale Firefly Of Kelmarsky [Fly] {England},                                     OFTW (16/12/12) [IRL] Emmanygan Vienna Of Kelmarsky [Pip] Qualified     for The Irish Retriever Championship 2013 @ 19 Months Old!!{America},                                                                 OFTW Kelmarsky Bugatti [9/1/16] [Sky] {England}, who was an International Field Trial Winner at 21 Months Old Winning Two Field Trials North and South in the same Week. Sky also Won Mid Ulster Gundog Association Open Field Trial at Moyola Estate And Birr Castle Game Fair 2017 Open and Top Dog Overall.. Qualifying twice for The Irish Retriever Championship 2017 and 2018.                                                        FTW Astraglen Pearl Of Kelmarsky [13/1/17] [Scout]  [ America ]                                                   FTCH Kelmarsky Crow [9/11/18] :Super Strong Intelligent Trialing Dog                                  OFTW Kelmarsky Ash [22/9/19] Finished 3rd & 4th in Two Open Two Day Trails in one Week at 18 Months Old. His First Ever Trials in The Kennel Club.                                               Quite an Achievement for Such a Young Dog !!! 

Then Kelmarsky Ash Won The Labrador Retriever Club of Irelands 16 dog Open Field Trial [ Rann ] at 21 Months Old !!                                                                                            FTCH Kelmarsky Crow And OFTW Kelmarsky Ash Are Know Qualified for The 2020 Irish Retriever Championship at Coollattin Shoot Wicklow [ Cancelled due to Covid ] !